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Leading Furniture Shops Erskneville


We're one of the leading family owned furniture shops near Erskineville. We supply a wide range of solid hardwood and custom-built furniture including superior pieces of furniture for your living, bed, and dining rooms. We have more than sixty years of involvement in custom built furniture, and we are proud of the quality of workmanship and design that we bring to you.


There are not many things as brilliant as the luxurious feel of a little bit of custom assembled furniture, expertly produced using top quality Australian hardwood timber with high quality finish. Regardless of whether it's a current model or a bespoke piece, your home will be improved, with the inclusion of custom-built furniture from Diamonds Home. An office furnished with a portion of our hand created Solid Hardwood Furniture will indicate distinction, great taste, and insight.


The group at KOPA has been creating our most recent line of excellent creator products direct to you. Accessible Now!

  • Dining Tables

  • Dining Chairs

  • Bar Stools

  • Coffee Tables

  • Side Tables


By choosing a solid hardwood custom built desk from our furniture shop local to your Erskineville business, you will be supporting local manufacturing. In addition, your business can display by the fine-grained extraordinary timber, the vision you wish to pass on. Or maybe you have a troublesome corner of a room, and you've looked around but haven't yet found the perfect piece for your space.


We can plan and customise the particular pieces you need in whatever timber and finish you need. We are famous for our huge dining tables built from sustainable timber harvesting methods.  

At Diamonds Home we take immense pride in designing and crafting extraordinary handmade furniture pieces with magnificent finishes.


Regardless of whether you're hoping to upgrade your home with new pieces or recycle existing and found retro pieces. For people who enjoy shopping in comfort and not having to rush around in busy places, you are welcome to come into our furniture shop near Erskineville. Our friendly staff are here to assist you in any way we can.

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